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The NZCCJ Conference 2012 aimed to develop a regional (Australia and New Zealand) response to the International Council of Christians and Jews Twelve points of Berlin, a charter for Jewish Christian relations.

The following speakers were:

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Why Is This Light Different from All Other Lights?  The Berlin Theses as a Beacon Light of Hope in the History of Jewish-Christian Relations

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NSWCCJ Luncheon Club Great Synagogue 2nd September 2010

"The Conception of Jesus and the Documents"

Prof. Hannah Cotton is Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  

The story of the conception of Jesus, is found in only Matthew and Luke. Both say that Maria/Miriam was betrothed, but not married, to Joseph and that she was still a virgin when Jesus was conceived. Under rabbinic law, betrothal creates a legal status but was rabbinic law practiced by Jews in Palestine already before its canonization in the second century CE? Is the story of Jesus' conception to be dismissed as either fantasy or a reflection of rustic Galilean practice? Is the subtext of the story in the Gospels that of an illegitimate conception? Do the Gospels reply to assertions of adultery and illegitimacy?  Read more here.


8th Abrahamic Faiths Conference, Chief Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence of the Great SynagogueSydney addressing the topic " The Abrahamic Faiths, their relevance and contribution to society today".  To read the full transcript visit here or alternatively read the feedback from round table discussions on the night here.


That We May Know One Another (ICCJ in Istanbul  20 -23 June 2010).

By Sr Marianne Dacey (Sister of Our Lady of Sion)

The conference talks and workshops have just concluded, the past few days having been one of the most informative and enjoyable ICCJ conferences I have ever attended. There were about one hundred participants from several countries including Poland, Canada Australia, the Netherlands, France, Slovakia, South Africa and Turkey itself. For many, it was their first experience of the shining multi cultured city of Istanbul with its minarets, ancient ruins and street gardens, such a contrast from the rather wintry grey Istanbul I first saw in the late seventies..

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A time for Recommitment, the twelve points of Berlin: A call to Christian and Jewish communities worldwide. Read more here.


The Hospitality of God by Josie Lacey, O.A.M.

When Jews think of hospitality, we immediately think of our ancestor Abraham, whom we see as the father of our Jewish family, some 3900 years ago..

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Anti-semitism: A wound to be healed

September 8, 2003  

Together with the faith of the Fathers and of the Torah, the Temple of Jerusalem - at least until Titus destroyed it in the year 70 - was the heart of Judaism, with the exception of certain groups such as the Essenes and the Samaritans. The Temple was also one of the places for meeting and prayer of the first disciples of the Risen One, who were regarded by the authorities at times with suspicion, but with esteem by the people, with whom they shared their faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of Sarah and Rebecca, of Rachel and Leah. They were all aware that they belonged to the one people of God with whom the Most High had made a Covenant with his promise to the Fathers which, after the Red Sea crossing, was sealed on Sinai and open to the promise and hope of universal renewal and redemption, in accordance with the messianic announcement of the prophets.

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