Golden Rule PosterThe Golden Rule Poster 
The Golden Rule – treat others as you want them to treat you – is a guide for harmonious living. It is found in all religions, philosophies and cultures across the world. 
The Golden Rule Poster shows this principle in the sacred texts of thirteen different religions and spiritualities, including the Australian Aborigines.
The Poster can be used in schools, homes, congregations, universities, workplaces, hospitals and prisons for teaching compassion, multicultural and multi-religious cooperation and human solidarity.
  • Includes sacred texts from 13 different religions
  • Promotes mutual respect and harmony in our multi-religious society
  • Provides discussion topics for schools, homes, offices and congregations 
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Compendium of the Catholic ChurchCompendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church [Paperback: 200 pages]

By Joseph Ratzinger; Pope Benedict XVI (Author).  Published by USCCB Publishing.  Recommended Retails Price $10.15 ISBN–10: 1574557203


This is the official study guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Q&A format.  Includes common prayers in Latin and English and is beautifully illustrated.  If you're looking for a condensed version of the Catechism this is the book for you!

Lollis_AppleLolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmannis Published by AKA Publishers, Recommended retail price $22.95

ISBN: 9780980453034 

Far from being a tale of woe, this is a beautiful, true account of a child being a child, in a terrible place at a terrible time - WWII. Seen and heard through the eyes and ears of a six year old boy, the story unfolds through games Tomas played with the other children in the concentration camps including Auschwitz and Terezinstadt, intertwined with the inspirational bravery of his pregnant mother Lolli, who managed to keep Tomas and her newborn baby alive in a camp where 16000 children perished and 123 survived. 



Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl is published by Barnes and Noble (2006) recommended retail price $15.96 ISBN: 080701429X

With more than 4 million copies in print in the English language alone, Man's Search for Meaning, the chilling yet inspirational story of Viktor Frankl's struggle to hold on to hope during his three years as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, is a true classic. Beacon Press is now pleased to present a special gift edition of a work that was hailed in 1959 by Carl Rogers as "one of the outstanding contributions to psychological thought in the last fifty years". Frankl's training as a psychiatrist informed every waking moment of his ordeal and allowed him a remarkable perspective on the psychology of survival. His assertion that "the will to meaning" is the basic motivation for human life has forever changed the way we understand our humanity in the face of suffering. 


Through_their_eyes_sharply Through Their Eyes Sharply:

Cultural mission of the Sisters of St Joseph by Sr Giovanni Farquer
ISBN: 9781740971591
is published by Australian Scholarly Publishing (2008) recommended retail price $25.00  Explores the personal experiences of many who have been and are involved in Catholic primary schools, as sisters, teachers, parents and students. 

A significant feature is the inclusion of a chapter on the enrolment of Muslims in a Catholic school.

Comments from Emeritus Professor Hedley Beare AM, University of Melbourne :
" I found it an illuminating text which gave me valuable insights into Mary MacKillop's work, the origin of the Josephite Sisters, and the cultural/demographic shifts which have influenced the changes to the school at Newport.  You include some fascinating quotations from Mary MacKillop's "Rule" about teaching in a school, and about the indefatigable way she personally pushed for teacher training of the Sisters.  It was some achievement personally to write the handbooks and the curricula and then herself to teach them to others".
Through Their Eyes Sharply by Sr Giovanni Farquer rsj was launched on Sunday 14 September 2008 by Professor Hayden Ramsay.   Click here to read a transcript of his address.


From Chocolate to Anzac Biscuits by George Sternfeld is published by Sydney Jewish Museum, 2009 ISBN: 9780980545821

It took child Holocaust survivor George Sternfeld more than five decades to experience what had been denied to him -– his bar mitzvah.

“This opportunity sort of spontaneously came up, and after contemplating for about a minute or so, I said, ‘Why not?’” recalls the 70-year-old retired researcher from Randwick, who grew up in Communist Poland and chronicles the event in the first chapter of his newly-released memoir, Chocolate to Anzac Biscuits, published by the Sydney Jewish Museum.

In his memoir, Sternfeld details his family’s heroic journey: from their escape to Siberia when he was just six months old after the Nazi invasion, returning to postwar, anti-Semitic Poland, and later to their eventual migration to the safe haven of Australia.
Interspersed between his recollections, he includes a family heirloom of photos and recipes from a bygone era, alongside more recent images of his new life and family in Australia.
“I’m still amazed at the memory that is still with me,” he muses, while insisting his story is, in essence, an Australian one.
“Australia gave me all this courage and freedom that I never had in Poland. [It is where] the renewal took place.”

Excerpt from The Australian Jewish News, posted on 22 December 2009 

Bond_of_MemoryThe Bond of Memory: Polish Christians in Dialogue with Jews and Judaism


 Edited by Zbigniew Nosowski is published by Laboratorium WIEZI Warsaw (2008)
ISBN: 9788360356630



We present you the first publication of the Laboratory of ties. Book The Bond of Memory. Polish Christians in Dialogue with Jews and Judaism released in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, on the occasion of the Polish-Israeli conference Given the new reality: the Catholic Church in Poland, Jews, IsraelHeld in November 2008 in Jerusalem, in celebration of the Polish Year in Israel. This publication presents positive examples of the involvement of Polish Christians to the memory of Polish Jews and deepening spiritual ties with Judaism.




Hand in Hand: Jewish and indigenous people working together


Available from the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies and from the following bookstores;

  • Sydney Jewish Museum Bookstore, Darlinghurst;
  • Gold's Book Shop, Bondi; Zabriskie Booksellers,Bondi; Lindfield Bookstore
  • Constant Reader, Crows Nest: Gleebooks, Glebe;

An initiative of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and its Social Justice Committee, the book was researched and written by Dr Anne Sarzin and Lisa Miranda Sarzin and based on 80 interviews, including interviews with respected Jewish and Indigenous leaders as well as many people working at a grassroots level.

The book includes a chapter on historical connections, with reference to a number of personalities and events that are significant in the area of human rights, such as William Cooper’s denunciation of Kristallnacht, Chief Justice James Spigelman’s participation in the Freedom Ride of 1965, and Ron Castan’s work in the area of native title. 



The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism by Sr Marianne Dacy

ISBN: 9781604977004 6 x 9”  Hardcover 376 pages.
Level: College & Faculty
Available July 2010 for US$119.99 / £70.99

There exists a plethora of literature on the relationship between early Christianity and Judaism, but these studies focus on one or two issues.  In the tradition of James Parkes, whose 1930 study of the break between the Church and the Synagogue remains a classic, this book takes on the larger relationship and shows how the separation evolved over time.

Rather than pinpointing a specific date for the break, the study broadens the context and looks at the wider issues, showing that separation took several centuries.

In the wake of the Holocaust and in seeking to understand how the relationship between Judaism and Christianity deteriorated over the course of two millennia, this book examines the origins of the conflict. In seeking to cast new light on the separation of early Christianity from Judaism, a number of documented areas that are often treated separately by authors have been examined in order to uncover evidence for the separation.

The book covers an enormous amount of material on the relationship between early Christianity and Judaism, but presents this in a highly accessible manner, clearly showing how the separation between the two emerged over time. It also reveals the ways they continued to be related. The author pinpoints two pervasive issues that impelled the separation: the relationship of the early church to Jewish law and the increasing divinization of Jesus.






Set of Three - Nostra Aetate, Dialogue and Mission & Dialogue and Proclamation

Edited by Reverend Austin Flannery, O.P. 


Printed 2009 by the Columban Mission Institute, Strathfield, NSW.   


Recommended retail Cost $7.50  This set of three books is the Catholic Church’s key documents on interreligious dialogue and show the development in the Church’s teaching.


Christian-Muslim_RelationsChristian-Muslim relations : guidelines for Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta (2008) by Herman Roborgh ; Vivienne Keely

"...This booklet is designed to help; to reassure you that the Church supports inter-religious dialogue; to remove some of the mystery attached to what Muslims believe and, most of all to encourage you to take some small steps in friendship and dialogue."  (from the introduction)



Ecumenism_and_InterreligiousEcumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis Redintegratio, Nostra Aetate by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy.  Printed by Paulist Press (2005) recommended retail price: $18.85 ISBN: 0809143380
General Description:

An in-depth examination, from Edward Cardinal Cassidy, of the consequences for the relationship of the Catholic Church with other Christian churches and world religions as a result of the decisions made by the Second Vatican Council forty years ago, and presented in the documents Unitatis Redintegratio and Nostra Aetate.


About the Author:
Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy holds a doctorate in Canon Law from Lateran University. In 1989, he was appointed as President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and he became at the same President of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews. Now retired, he lives in Australia.



Receptive_EcumenismReceptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning

Exploring a Way for Contemporary Ecumenism Edited by Paul Murray.  Recommended retail price: $100.00  ISBN: 9780199216451

This volume proposes a fresh strategy for ecumenical engagement - 'Receptive Ecumenism' - that is fitted to the challenges of the contemporary context and has already been internationally recognised as making a distinctive and important new contribution to ecumenical thought and practice. Beyond this, the volume tests and illustrates this proposal by examining what Roman Catholicism in particular might fruitfully learn from its ecumenical others.

Challenging the tendency for ecumenical studies to ask, whether explicitly or implicitly, 'What do our others need to learn from us?', this volume presents a radical challenge to see ecumenism move forward into action by highlighting the opposite question 'What can we learn with integrity from our others?'

This approach is not simply ecumenism as shared mission, or ecumenism as problem-solving and incremental agreement but ecumenism as a vital long-term programme of individual, communal and structural conversion driven, like the Gospel that inspires it, by the promise of conversion into greater life and flourishing. The aim is for the Christian traditions to become more, not less, than they currently are by learning from, or receiving of, each other's gifts.

The 32 original essays that have been written for this unique volume explore these issues from a wide variety of denominational and disciplinary perspectives, drawing together ecclesiologists, professional ecumenists, sociologists, psychologists, and organizational experts.


Readership: Scholars and students of Ecumenism and contemporary Roman Catholicism; Clergy and lay readers particularly from within the Roman Catholic tradition but also within other Christian denominations. 


Spending_Time_with_GodPrayer & Discussion booklet for small groups


  • Learning together from Catholic, Anglican, Reformed,   Orthodox, and Pentecostal traditions
  • 5 sessions of material for any season of the year
  •  Approaches to prayer across our different Churches sometimes involve different aspects which seem quite strange or confusing to others.   Yet spiritual ecumenism is one of the most invigorating areas of our life together.   The NSWEC Theological Reflections Commission is therefore pleased to announce a new resource which can both shed light on differences and offer very helpful opportunities for deeper prayer and spiritual growth together. Entitled Spending Time with God this prayer and discussion booklet is ideal for study/prayer groups in all kinds of settings.   Comprising of five sessions it includes information and questions for discussion and allows time for prayer.   The sessions can be used in any sequence and the resource is equally useable at any time in the liturgical year or during special periods such as Advent or Lent.  Spending Time with God grew out of the symposia held by the NSW Ecumenical Council in 2008, marking 100 years since the founding of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity.   It draws on the contributions made by the speakers from various Christian traditions and represents another gift of God for wider reception.

    Copies are available from the NSW Ecumenical Council ($5 a copy)

    Phone (02) 9299 2215 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Eat my bread

    A booklet for group study and prayer, prepared by the NSW Ecumenical Council, providing opportunity for reflection on the different ways in which the Eucharist is understood and celebrated by Australian Christians.  Edited by Dr.Ray Williamson and Dr.Gerard Kelly, this offers 5 sessions with case studies, reflections and questions, and concluding comments.


    Available from the NSW Ecumenical Council ($5 a copy)


    Life After Drowning


    Australia's major churches have for two decades officially accepted one another's baptism.

    What might it mean if the full implications of this mutual acceptance were lived out fully?

    Life After Drowning: making waves together offers 5 user-friendly studies to help Christians explore together the possibilities and difficulties.

    Prepared by theologians and adult educators associated with the NSW Ecumenical Council and the Victorian Council of Churches, the five studies bring together biblical truth, real-life stories and theological reflection in an easy-to-use, attractive format.

    Available from the NSW Ecumenical Council ($5.95 a copy)




    In Defense of Faith by David Brog. 

    Recommended retail price $16.50 ISBN-10: 1594033803 Publisher: Encounter Books (July 6, 2010) Hardcover: 376 pages.

      Religious faith is under assault.  In books, movies, and on television, secular critics are attacking religion and the religious with an increasing intensity.  These “new atheists” typically repeat a two-part mantra:  They claim that only an idiot could believe in God, and that idiots possessed of such faith have been responsible for most of the hate and violence that have plagued humanity.  Abandon religion, they urge us, and the world will finally know peace. 

      Surprisingly few books have emerged to defend faith from this onslaught.  Yet especially when it comes to this second argument – the behavior of religious people in the world – abstract claims can be tested by reference to objective facts.  In Defense of Faith examines the historical record and demonstrates that far from encouraging hate and aggression, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been the West’s most effective curb upon these dark defects of human nature. 

      In contrast, history demonstrates just as clearly that when we abandon religion as the critics urge, peace does not break out.  Instead we quickly revert to the most base instincts of our selfish genes. 

      Written by a Jewish author who works closely with the Christian faith community, In Defense of Faith will appeal to secular and religious readers alike.  This book will challenge the secular to reconsider the role of religion in Western civilization.  It will inspire the religious to embrace a proud legacy of faith in action for the sake of humanity.


      Rebel_LandRebel Land.  Among Turkey's Forgotten Peoples by Christopher de Bellaigue.

      The wild landscapes of eastern Turkey are beautiful and unruly, never entirely tamed by the Ottoman empire or the Turkish republic. They are home to feudal clans of Kurmanji-speaking Kurds and Zaza-speaking Kizilbas, and during the first world war this region was the locus for the mass deportations and massacres of local Armenians. Christopher de Bellaigue sets out to tell the story of the "strange, enchanting, bloodstained" district of Varto, in the province of Mus - a place where "modern history has not settled".

      Sifting through propaganda, partisan accounts and evasive oral histories, de Bellaigue delivers a comprehensive primer in Turkish political history, told through a densely packed account of the shifting allegiances of Varto's people for and against the Ottoman empire, the republic established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Armenians and each other, and among their own clans through the 20th century.

      While these local stories both reflect and determine the wider history of the nation state, they also have the quality of medieval epics; rugged men on horses, fighters frozen in the snow, blood feuds which sound centuries old but turn out to have taken place barely a generation ago.

      Recommended retail price $27.00.  ISBN: 1594202524 Publisher: Penguin Press HC, The (March 4, 2010) Hardcover: 200 Pages.

      A_Human_Being_Died_that_NightA Human Being Died That Night: A South African Story of Forgiveness

      by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

      More focused than most books about South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), this searing account is by a psychologist who grew up in the black townships and who served on the TRC under Archbishop Tutu. She brings you close to the horrific testimony about what apartheid's perpetrators did, and also to what Tutu called "holy" scenes of forgiveness by victims' families. But at the center are her personal prison interviews with Eugene de Kock, who directed "the blood, the bodies and the killing" against apartheid's enemies. Does he feel remorse? Can Gobodo-Madikizela feel empathy for him? Demonizing him as monster, as hopelessly other, lets him--and us--off too easily, she maintains. The elemental issues about perpetrators, victims, and bystanders stretch back to the Holocaust and will spark intense discussion. How can apartheid Prime Minister De Klerk say his hands were clean? What about the majority of whites who say they didn't know? No easy answers, just the hope embodied in the TRC that cycles of political violence can be broken and that there are alternatives to revenge. Review by Hazel Rochman

      Recommended retail Price $25.00. 
      ISBN-10: 9780618211890 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (January 23, 2003) Hardcover: 208 Pages.